10Things You Must Not Tell a Stressed-Out Bride

After the moment of getting engaged is over, every bride knows that she has to go through a strenuous moment during the wedding preparations. A wedding day to a bride is not just like any other. The stakes are high, the expectations are numerous and she has to be wildly hands on to make sure that everything has to go on as planned. And this drains out the bride’s vigor, making her spirits vulnerable to any negative words that the fiancée, friends or close relatives may mention, especially in relation to her forth coming wedding. The following are 10 things you ought not to mention to the already stressed –out bride, lest you end up making things worse for her.

“Do you consider losing some weight before your wedding?” Never mention to an already stressed-out bride that she looks out of shape because of her weight. Ladies are so concerned with weight issues and that will only build up anxiety when in fact she needs to feel relaxed.

“I can’t believe after all this day has come to be, but I suppose it was worthy waiting”. Well, while it may be your sincere observation, you’ll only be reminding her of the long tiring days she kept wishing to find a suitor.

“At your age you’ve got to have kids soon or else…” The last thing a stressed-out bride wants to hear is your insinuation that she looks like she is beyond the age of enjoying life and that she should be planning for kids as the first thing once she’s done with the wedding.

“What makes you look so stressed out?” You just seem not to understand the things the bride has to handle. And you are playing down a very important matter.

“I can’t imagine that you are getting married to him. Is he really the best match for you?” Well, you may not believe it yet she has made up her mind and she doesn’t need an opinion to choose who to marry. Save her more stress at this stage.

“I really want to be there and I may have some buddies accompanying me”. Well, you are not helping her at all. You don’t even know how her wedding budget is squeezed and you are already planning to come along with an extra person at her cost?

“I don’t think you should be getting married so soon. Is this the right thing for you to do?” So what? She has a life to live and a host of other decisions to make.

“I’m shocked of the latest divorce findings? …they said divorce is on the rise”. Now, who said her marriage is likely to end up in divorce, unless of course you are not thinking well of her?

“A wedding only comes and lasts for a day. She can’t understand why you are so concerned.

Additionally avoid mentioning to the bride anything that would apportion blame to her, especially in relation to her wedding preparations. And the last person she expects to have little understanding is her fiancé.


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